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We were off to a great start, weren't we?

And then came the pandemic.

Like a lot of us, I wasn't sure what to do. In reference to this blog I had just started, I didn't want to inadvertently give bad advice that was meant to keep our kids safe while still being active.

I also didn't want to become involved in the political aspect of it. Living in a state where the governor has had very tight restrictions in place for some time, I didn't want to this site to become part of the conversation as to how people felt about that. I didn't create it for that. It's creation was to throw out into the universe things I had picked up along the way and to add some more awesomeness to my bag of tricks. I realized the value of the teams we are involved with is not only for the kids, but for the families as well. The bonds we forge during this needed to be acknowledged.

So, I'm back. Lets start again.

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