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Diving Back In

Today we dove head first back into travel softball. We run a program of 5 teams and 4 of them played today for the first time since October. The girls were so excited they were practically levitating.

This week also started the kind of chaotic normalcy that goes along with school being back face to face and then adding practices back into the mix. I have to admit, it was almost soothing to be busy like that again. Trying to coordinate schedules with both parents working full time, running the roads, forgetting equipment, etc.

I can't believe it, but it was...soothing. It was getting back to business, back to normal.

I know people who don't live the travel life don't get it, but there any many of us who know what I mean. I can't be alone in feeling this way.

I missed our team. I missed the parents. The kids missed each other. I LOVED seeing them all together again in uniform. I think we are all ready to play ball.

Stay safe and healthy so we can keep playing!

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