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Affording Travel Sports

Updated: Feb 27

As I have mentioned before, the hubs and I are on the board of directors for a travel softball organization. One thing I feel very strongly about it making sure that we are keeping our team available to whoever has talent and wants to play. This is a world of teams that cost parents over $1000-$2000 to be a part of, and that's before you start adding in the hotel rooms, gas, and equipment! I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Travel sports should be available to kids with talent and drive, not just to the elite.

I was totally against even joining this team when my daughter was told about it. But I didn't want her to pass up an opportunity to be a part of this experience, and besides the financial aspect of it, looked like a great fit for her.

So, we figured out a way. We had the grandparents buy equipment for birthdays. Luckily, our team only participated in tournaments that were driving distance away. And we all loved it. The benefits were not just for our child, but for us as well because we have a blast with our travel families!

I'm going to get in to team fundraisers in another post, but here are some ways you can raise money for your personal travel sports fees. I will be doing a few of these myself.

-Host a euchre night or bunko party at your house

-Sell football squares or March madness brackets

-Sell their old equipment on Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, or my new fave: Mercari

-Have the player get involved. Offer to shovel neighbors driveways or mow lawns for cash.

-Talk to the coach. Is there a service you can offer? A few options are scorekeeping, being the team communications director, be in charge of sizing and ordering uniforms, book keeping, website development.

-Ask your employer or area business for sponsorships. If your team has a website or a banner, check with the coach to see if the sponsors logo can be added to it.

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